AC vs DC ballast
Important information you need to know about ballast.

The ballast is very important equipment for the HID xenon system. Literally is the heart of the system which undertakes the power supply and provides the required energy in order the bulb to ignite. Ballast includes electric circuits in the right order.

The basic stages of ballast are:
1. The power supply circuit and stabilization of the Low voltage (voltage stabilizer).
2. The frequency oscillation circuit (oscillator).
3. The logical circuit of the functioning management with micro chip
4. The transmutation of low voltage to high (High voltage transformer 23000V).

There are two basic categories of Ballasts The AC (alternating current) and the DC (direct current).


The AC ballast is very reliable comparing to DC because the HID bulbs are designed to work with alternating current.
Also the AC ballast provides even longer life to the bulb, more brightness, less temperature and uniform lighting.

Many manufactures in order to reduce the manufacturing cost, produce DC ballasts because they are simpler comparing to AC and don’t need many equipments.
The life duration of DC ballast is very short as for the bulb’s because the direct current of high voltage which is creating causes electrolysis and overheating resulting the destruction of the bulb in a very short time.

Also for AC ballast is very important the manufacture quality and if it is analog or digital.

The analog ballasts are based on coils, resistors and capacitors in order to convert low voltage to high. The fluctuations thought that are made, reduced the bulb’s life, resulting unstable operation and short-term illumination.
The digital ballasts also use analog equipments but they have DSP chip for stable functioning and provides to the HID bulb the maximum operation and long term life.

Comparing the waveforms, analog and digital ballast at the digital oscilloscope.

Fotologic, persists on using only high quality AC digital ballasts for the HID systems witch disposes, even their cost is higher.

Exite HID ballasts comprise high technology microprocessor ASIC, witch controls in real time the bulb’s and also the ballast’s functioning. With this way we minimize the rate of defective products under 0.5%.

Also the can-bus series is provided with ICs components and not just resistors, in order to give total compatibility with the vehicle Can-Bus systems and not delude them and increasing the power consumption.

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