Can-Bus system
Over the years, automotive industries have continuously improved vehicle technology by integrating electronic systems for passenger comfort and safety. The natural consequence is, to increase the volume of cables that are necessary for the interconnection of the various electronic components.

The CAN BUS (Controller Area Network) system is a serial communication protocol between the car's subsystems and the (CPU).

By using the Can-Bus system, the amount of cables drastically reduces, resulting in the simplification of the installation and the rapid diagnosis of failures by computer.

This way, communication is achieved sequentially with a single pair of cables.


So when we try to use a lamp of different wattage, the error indicator (more or less) is displayed and in many cases it stops functioning. This is also what happened with HID systems because it is usually less Watt than the common bulb.

Many manufacturers have Can Bus-compatible HIDs. What's above these systems? Most of them have just a dummy load resistance inside, to "deceive" the brain (computer) of the vehicle by increasing consumption. Is that what we want? Of course NO, because one of the reasons we install HID Xenon is their reduced consumption.

Only a few, of good quality, have an electronic layout for this purpose without increasing consumption.

We could say that with a 50W HID system, the ''problem'' simply would be solved.

HID xenon systems, consume more power when they start up and in a few seconds is reduced. So in this case an error will also be diagnosed (depending on the software of each car).

When xenon lights are installed in a car that has Can Bus system, at the factory, a parameter is programmed in the brain? of the car to recognize them correctly. This could also be done retrospectively when we install aftermarket lights. In most cases, however, this action eliminates the manual setting of the beam height.

Our systems have a fully compatible Can-Bus digital circuit for perfect operation while maintaining the advantage of lower power consumption.

Can-Bus technology has been launched by the patented Bosch and the other can-bus system makers pay license fees to Bosch.
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