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On motorcycles and cars that are equipped with a Can-Bus system, the replacement of the incandescent lamps with Led, requires an extra small procedure, so that the brain can recognize them correctly.

Due to the very low power consumption of the Led, the Can-Bus system recognizes them as a burning bulb and instructs the relevant indicator to illuminate on the vehicle's display.

The procedure we need is to add a resistor parallel to the lamp circuit so as to bypass this function.

In the market there are LEDs with the resistance inside, but due to the limited space it is very small in wattage, which is destroyed by overheating in a very short time.

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can bus led l
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Therefore, this solution proved to be unsuccessful.

In order to have the right result without complications, we use a higher wattage resistance, externally, which is connected in parallel to the Led power supply. The way is indicated in the figure below.

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resistor connection
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However, it reduces the power consumption compared to the incandescent lamp.

For example, a 5W incandescent lamp for a car or motorcycle parking light consumes a current of about 700mA. The resistor has a consumption of around 180mA plus the consumption of the Led is sufficient to have the Can-Bus system operating properly.

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