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The last few years more and more car or motorcycles manufactures, have turned to Headlight Led instead of other lighting systems because of the advantages they have.


Some of these are:

  • Low current consumption.
  • Long lifespan.
  • Vibrations resistance.
  • Low operating temperature.
  • Lighting immediacy.
  • Manufacture simplicity.

We won’t get in any details regarding the Leds, because at the internet there is plenty information about them.

LEDs are not new, however, their use was usually limited to indicative lighting rather than as the main source of lighting.


Over the years, more reliability, more luminosity and durability have been developed so that they can also be used as the primary lighting source.
For example, the front lights of a vehicle.


Some new car models feature headlights led as standard or as optional.

If we are able to buy a new car and always be at the cutting edge of technology, we certainly enjoy some privileges, with the corresponding physical costs of course…

Otherwise, there is the solution to upgrade our lighting by installing an aftermarket Led or Xenon set.
In that case, you need to pay special attention to the choice, because there are such conversion kits on the market, different manufacturers and a wide variety of prices and qualities.
The same applies in the article "Tips for Buying HID Xenon"
Differences between HID XENON and LED
 Brightness, three to four times as far as simple hologen bulbs  Brightness, about twice as high as the simple halogen bulbs, but less brightness than xenon.
 Vibration resistance  More resistance to vibrations than HID xenon.
 For functioning they require more components.  Simpler manufacture with fewer components.
 Delay on ignition.  Instant lighting.
 Lifespan about 1500 to 2000 hours for the bulb and several years for quality ballast.  Lifespan approximately 30000 hours.
 Can-bus compatibility.   Can-bus compatibility.
The choice will be yours, depending on the lighting requirements you have.
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