Tips for buying HID xenon

Thinking of installing an HID xenon lights kit on your car, motorcycle or truck? If so, keep in mind the following points before you buy.

  • Make sure the kit you are going to buy is compatible with your vehicle. You should check the type of bulb used in the headlight (eg H7, H4, etc.). Determine if you need to change the low beam, high beam, or both.
  • If you plan to mount it yourself make sure the xenon kit includes all the components needed to install it.
  • Be sure the kit is covered by a reliable warranty.
  • In the market you will find a great variety and prices starting from 30€. Just remember, the cheap kit is a cheap kit!

If you are just looking for the lowest price, there is no need to read below.


In case you want to invest some more money, buying a high quality kit to improve reliably the lights of your vehicle, then consider following:

  • Look for a reliable, preferably physical, store. You should be able to contact directly the retailer or the technician, and when you talk to them, they should have the ability to answer all your questions and solve all your queries. Before ordering, make sure it is a reputable company with a professionally designed website, reasonable prices and good customer reviews. They should have the necessary inventory and provide you with replacement warranty in case of a defective product. Also there should be after sales support and stock of spare parts.
  • You do not want to pay more than what you will get. Compare and calculate the price - quality ratio. A reasonable price is 50€ to 100€ for a motorbike kit and 100€ to 200€ for a car kit.
  • Look if possible for the newest technology. HID systems are evolving rapidly and some companies still have the old technology products.
  • Beware of fake products. None of us wants to realize in retrospect that they were a victim of deception.
  • If you decide to do the installation yourself, you must be sure you can check the result because incorrect interventions may cause problems, which may then be difficult to resolve, even by a qualified technician.
  • In case you prefer the installation to be done by the seller, make sure that they have appropriate expertise, organized installation department, proper tools and equipment and that they will respect your vehicle. Do not be misled by words such as "free installation", because they will certainly have included it in the price. Give the engineer who will install the kit the time needed to do a proper installation. Many claim that a set of Xenon can be placed in 10 minutes. In such a short time, only poor or even defective work can be done! Besides, we do not place a system in order to be good only for the time of testing, but to stay installed in our vehicle for a long time without causing us problems.
  • Motorcycles need special attention in order not to interfere with the functionality of some systems, particularly the steering, which may jeopardize our physical integrity.
We hope these tips come in handy and we wish you make the best choice in your purchase!
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